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For those of you who were wondering.

STEP 01: Find the “Print Screen [Prnt Scrn]” button on your keyboard. It’s usually next to the Scroll Lock button. You’ll want to press that button when you want to take an image of whatever is on your computer screen. (Mac users can use Command-Shift-3 for this option! Thanks passionatekitsune <3)

STEP 02: Open some sort of image editing device (Photoshop, Paint, Pixlr, etc.). I usually just use paint because it’s easier, most people have it, and it doesn’t take as long to open.

Paste (Ctrl+V/Cmd+V) your image into the photo editor.

STEP 03: Use the selection and cropping tool to get rid of all of the extra junk in your image (if you only want a certain part of the image).

Once you do that, you’ll have something like this:

STEP 04: To save your image, just go to “File” and “Save As”, choosing which ever file format you like.

And now you’re done!

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