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This is not YYH related, but I just felt like you guys need to be aware.

I received a call today from a blocked number, who claimed they were from Windows Security Center. The person on the phone - who had a very heavy accent - said that they had noticed that my computer had been downloading malicious content while I was browsing the internet (which how could they even fucking know in the first place). He then asked me to turn on my computer (which it already was, but that’s besides the point) and told me to click and hold the Windows key and the ‘R; key, which opens up the Run window. He then wanted me to enter the following: eventvwr (this stands for “event viewer” which lets you see info about hard/software, system problems, and security on your OS).

This is where I hung up.

Because, you see, what this asshole didn’t know is that my dad is and IT guy, so I know a few tricks. What he was trying to do was gain remote access to my computer, but do I look like a bitch? Don’t answer that.

Unfortunately, some people are - that’s why I’m making this post, so you don’t end up being anybody’s bitch. And it’s not like these assholes just sprang up yesterday; according to my extensive Google research (it wasn’t that extensive, I just like being dramatic) they’ve been around at least since 2009.

If you want to know what they sound like, click here for a YouTube video of an actual phone conversation between some dude and a would-be hacker (there is profanity).

Microsoft has confirmed that they are a hacker group, and have some preventative tips, though really - it’s 2013, y’all should already know. If you have been scammed or know someone who’s been scammed by these douche bags, click here or here.

Signal boost, or don’t. Don’t let me run your life; I just felt you should be aware.

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