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My preciousssssssssss

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Doodling at the SF / Anime Flea market at the Toronto Reference Library

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More art while at the SF A flea market

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yo realtalk did anyone think i was gonna miss submitting to this

holy cow tumblr absolutely destroyed my colors, i hope it prints okay;;;;; NEON BEACH.(if it gets accepted that is.)

i wanted to make a version that featured the ladies but it didn’t work out. Might just do it on my own.

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Lineart commission done for mxstergenkai of Keiko and Puu. I loved doing this one so much! Thanks a bunch!

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Day 2. Favorite Episode

i had this narrowed down to three episodes and it was a REALLY tough choice, but i chose 42 (Kuwabara vs. Risho) just because i really like risho even if he gets his ass beat in this ep and also just. everything about kuwabara in this episode is golden. the power of love is incredible and then he just starts being a huge dork around yukina and i love it.

(for those wondering, the other episodes i was considering were 58 (hiei vs bui) and 84 (kurama vs amanuma))

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